Cloth Diapers

Easy Diapers, Pocket Diapers, Flats, Prefolds and Easy Nappies. Washable and Reusable upto 250+ times.

What to choose:

Newborn – 4 months: Easy Nappies, Organic Muslin Flats

3.5 months onwards: Easy Diapers, Pocket Diapers, Flats, Prefolds.

Flats are the most versatile cloth diapers as they are extremely easy to wash and maintain. Come in a variety of fabrics.

How long do they last?*

Flats: Night Time 8-10 hours

            Daytime 4-5 hours

Easy Diapers: 3-4 hours

Easy Nappies: 2-3 hours

Pocket Diapers: Depends on the Flats used inside

*These are the estimates that pertain to most babies, however the wetting pattern and duration of use depends on every individual baby.


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