The idea for The Fluffmaker started years ago when Dr Geeta found a problem with synthetic diapers.

During her residency as a family physician, she started noticing concerning rates of diaper rash and other skin irritations among infants and toddlers. As she dug deeper, Dr. Geeta realized these issues were often linked to prolonged exposure to synthetic materials and chemicals found in most disposable diapers.

As a mom herself, Dr. Geeta was determined to find a better solution for her own baby.

That's when she discovered the benefits of cloth diapers - they allowed a baby's skin to breathe, reducing irritation. The natural fibres were also far gentler on delicate skin than harsh plastics. Dr. Geeta started using cloth diapers for her own daughter and saw amazing improvements in her comfort and skin health.

How it All Began…

Inspired, Dr Geeta joined forces with three other women entrepreneurs, Smita M, Dr Sheethal Rahul Das, & Reshma Chinivalar to found The Fluffmaker in 2017. Their mission was simple: create super soft, high-quality cloth diapers that made it easier for modern parents to choose a non-toxic, eco-friendly option for their little ones.

The Fluffmaker cloth diapers are made from the finest organic cotton, providing unparalleled comfort and breathability. Every detail is carefully designed for safety, convenience, and of course those irresistibly chubby baby thighs!

As moms themselves...

The Fluffmaker team prides themselves on outstanding customer service and baby advice to make the switch from disposables a breeze. As a result, have now built a tight-knit community of mothers across India.

As The Fluffmaker continues to grow, the team remains committed to improving infant health through better materials and education. Just like in her medical practice, Dr Geeta works tirelessly to help parents provide the absolute best care for their children – starting with the diapers they choose.

FM is proof that with passion and purpose, small changes can lead to a happier, healthier world for little ones.