BOCS – Heavy 70×70 flats

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For Super-duper Heavy Wetters, this custom-made highly absorbent fabric is made of 48% Bamboo 48% Organic cotton and 4% Spandex in a thick a d power packed 300gsm.

When you’re tired of trying different combinations and looking for a one-stop solution for your heavy wetter – BOCS – Heavy will leave you pleasantly and happily surprised!
Now waking up to a dry and no leaks but- isn’t a distant dream anymore!
Wash care: Hand wash or machine wash at normal temperature, line dry. Prewash with 1/3rd detergent after use, main wash with other clothes with full detergent. Use only additive and fragrance free detergents. Donot soak for more than 15mins. Donot use temperatures more than 60deg more than once every 2 months as it may damage the spandex fibres and cause the fabric to loose elasticity.
Prepping: Process of removing natural oils is called prepping. This process increases the absorbing capacity of the fabric and is done by washing the fabric atleast 5-6 times. However, you may start using after 1st wash itself, but the maximum capacity can be appreciated only by 5-6 washes.

Single Flat, Pack of 3, Pack of 6, Pack of 12

1 review for BOCS – Heavy 70×70 flats

  1. (verified owner)

    Super stretchy and very absorbant! Works overnight for 7-8 hours for my heavy wetter when pad folded.

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