BOCS Lite (Bamboo Organic Cotton Spandex) Toddler Flats


Soft stretchy Bamboo Organic Cotton Spandex Flats.

Product Details

A perfect balance between absorbency, trimness and drying time, our bestseller BOCS flats have proved to be game-changers for many mommies who swear by them!

They are made from our custom-milled 48% Bamboo, 48% Organic Cotton and 4% Spandex which combine the softness of bamboo, durability of organic cotton and the stretchiness of spandex to make the perfect all time flat! The softly stretchy fabric gives a snug fit and prevents leakages, without the need of elastic!

Secure with a snappi, diaper pin or put our Squishie on top for the perfectly natural and breathable diaper-free time!

WASH CARE: Prewash in cold or warm water with 1/4th detergent in a quick cycle or handwash. Main wash in cold or warm water, line dry in shade. Do not use fabric softeners or scented detergents. Do not soak fro more than 20 mins. DO NOT wash in hot water more than 60deg as it will affect the stretchiness of the fabric.

PREPPING: Prepping is the process of removing natural oils so that fabric gains maximum absorbency. Recommended to wash atleast 4-5 times with detergent for prepping. Do not wash alongwith other diapers during prepping to avoid the natural oils from transferring to them.

Choose from 2 sizes:

1. Newborn Fancy Fold/ Padfold – 60cm x 70cm – can be used in a fancy fold for newborns and smaller babies or as a padfold with our Squishies for older babies.

2. Toddler Fancy Fold – 70cm x 70cm – can be used in a fancy fold with or without a booster for larger babies (however can still be used for babies as small as 3 months as its amazingly trim!)



Single Flat, Pack of 3, Pack of 6


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